The Right Tools to Make Your DIYs Home Improvement Happen - TALK! with AUDREY

The Right Tools to Make Your DIYs Home Improvement Happen

With so much time spent at home, improvement project ideas are just percolating away, which means you’re going to need the right tools to make it happen. Seth Estep of Tractor Supply Company and Monica Lopez of Stanley Black & Decker join me to talk about the recent trends and how their companies are partnering to meet the needs of DIYers and professionals.

Ashley Ross - TALK! with AUDREY RADIO

Ashley Ross, Client Care Executive at Bank of America: How the Pandemic Has Redefined the Customer Experience

Events over the last year have pushed companies to be more agile and thoughtful in their customer experience approach. Consumers have reevaluated their personal and financial priorities and enhanced their expectations of the brands they support. to celebrate National Customer Service Week (October 4-8, 2021), Ashley Ross, Client Care Executive at Bank of America, joins me to talk about how the customer experience will forever be changed in a post-pandemic world.

Michael N. Smith - TALK! with AUDREY

Michael N. Smith: 100 of the Worst Ideas in History: Humanity’s Thundering Brainstorms Turned Blundering Brain-farts

From skinny-dipping presidents to toxic tooth fillings to hit singing groups that can’t carry a tune, authors Michael N. Smith and Eric Kasum wrote 100 of the Worst Ideas in History. It’s a celebration of humanity’s historical, hysterical stinkin’ thinkin’—thundering brainstorms that turned into blundering brain farts, and the astonishing impact they carry to this day. Michael Smith is my guest.

Bew White - TALK! with AUDREY RADIO

Bew White, Chairman of the Board Gabriella White: A Summer Classic: The Bew White Story

In October of 2013, Bew White was at the pinnacle of his career and success, Chairman of the Board of Gabriella White and its brands, Summer Classics, Gabby and Wendy Jane found himself in the emergency room, fighting for his life. It was that moment when he thought his life would end that led him to want to share his story with the world. His biography, A Summer Classic: The Bew White Story written by Christopher Taunton, is an Entrepreneur’s Tale of Love, Life and Business.

Mark Lazar - TALK! with AUDREY

Mark Lazar, Certified Financial Planner, Wealth Advisor, Author: Pathway to Prosperity: Your Guide to Money and Economics

According to Mark Lazar, a Certified Financial Planner, wealth advisor, “Contrary to what you may hear from friends, family, teachers, the government, or the media—regardless of your race, color, religion, where you grew up, or current social status, you have the power to change your life in ways you never believed possible,” and he wrote a book to help you get there, Pathway to Prosperity, to take the mystery out of money.

Crystal Pichon - TALK! with AUDREY

Crystal Pichon, Children’s Safety Expert and CEO of The Safety Place: How Technology Can Help Keep Kids Safe Online and Offline

Ask any parent some of the things they do to keep their children safe and you’re likely to hear car seats, helmets and knee pads for bicycle riding. But when it comes to the Internet, parents often don’t know where to start in order to protect their children online. Crystal Pichon, Children’s Safety Expert and CEO of The Safety Place talks with me about the importance of internet safety for children, especially during the back-to-school season.

Kalvin Lung - TALK! with AUDREY

Dr. Kalvin Lung, Thoracic Surgeon at Northwestern Medicine: The Future Of Lung Transplantation in a Post COVID-19 World

Due to COVID-19, the need for lung transplantation is growing. Approximately 20-30 percent of patients who get COVID-19 can result in some form of lung damage. Lung transplantation is the last resort for patients with end-stage lung disease. However, there is currently a global shortage of donated lungs which sadly results in deaths among patients on the waitlist. And . . . many donated lungs are deemed unsuitable for transplantation and go un-utilized. Dr. Kalvin Lung – Thoracic Surgeon at Northwestern Medicine with information about a new device to help rescue potentially viable lungs, and those initially deemed “unacceptable” for transplant.

Erin McCullen - TALK! with AUDREY

Erin McCullen, Head of Deposit Products at Bank of America: Teaching Kids Financial Literacy for Financial Independence

Alongside grammar and world history, another important subject to teach our kids is financial literacy. From budgeting and saving paychecks from a summer job to responsibly using a credit card, finances should be part of the curriculum starting at a young age through young adulthood. Erin McCullen, Head of Deposit Products at Bank of America has tips for parents to help their kids develop financial skills to set them up for post-grad financial independence.

Joanne Gaskin - TALK! with AUDREY

Joanne Gaskin, Vice President of Scores and Analytics, FICO: Learn what steps you can take to improve your credit knowledge and FICO Score

Despite the economic uncertainty over the past year due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the average U.S. FICO® Score currently stands at 716. Joanne Gaskin, Vice President of Scores and Analytics, for FICO joins me with the latest credit score data released by FICO, what impact COVID-19 had on credit scores and FICO’s commitment to financial education, inclusion and ability to score more people.