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Teach Kids Valuable Lessons Through Chores While They are Spending Time at Home – TALK! with AUDREY

As homes have become school for millions of children, parents across the country are caring for families in new ways. With the extra time at home comes extra time to involve kids in the day-to-day chore responsibilities, To find out why today’s parents are struggling to engage their children in household chores, Whirlpool enlisted the help of a developmental psychologist and a child development expert joining me with the results of the research paper and some help, lifestyle expert and mom Brooke Parkhurst

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Learn The Best Way On How To Grill Beef – TALK! with AUDREY TV

According to a recent survey, nearly one-third of consumers say that they plan to grill more this summer than they have in the past, and that among the many meat options available, they prefer to grill beef. Meat scientist Bridget Wasser, Executive Director of Meat Science, Culinary and Supply Chain Outreach at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has tips for grilling.

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Is Fear of COVID-19 Keeping Stroke Patients from Going to the Hospital? – TALK! with AUDREY TV

Every year, close to 800,000 Americans have a stroke. Even during a pandemic, stroke is a life-threatening medical emergency and health officials and medical groups across the country, including the American Heart Association, are urging people to seek immediate medical attention. Joining me with the signs and symptoms, world-renowned stroke expert Dr. Patrick Lyden, Professor of Neurology at Cedars-Sinai – Los Angeles.

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How Locally Owned Grocery Stores Across The Country Are Answering The Call To Support Food Banks – TALK! with AUDREY TV

With the current state of school closures, families in communities throughout the US who rely on schools for their children’s meals are at risk of experiencing food insecurity. As a result, food agencies have experienced a growing need to provide food for children who have been released from annual school schedules due to COVID-19. This has resulted in record lows for food bank inventories across the country. Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication at Grocery Outlet Layla Kasha, joins me with information about the current state of food banks across the country, and details about Grocery Outlet’s 10th Annual Independence from Hunger (IFH) National Food Drive Campaign.

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Working From Home Opens the Door to Employing People With Disabilities – TALK! with AUDREY TV

Prior to the pandemic, the disability community advocated to work from home, as a reasonable accommodation, and was often denied. Ongoing stay-at-home orders in many U.S. states and cities have normalized working from home and modified work schedules. Managers are seeing that being in the office is not the only path to collaboration and creativity. The new workplace environment is a ‘silver lining’ that may create employment opportunities for people with disabilities. My guests are David Shurna, No Barriers USA executive director and Kathy Martinez, Disability and Accessibility Strategy for Wells Fargo.

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Americans Are Skipping Medically Necessary Prescriptions Because Of Cost – TALK! with AUDREY TV

Approximately 44 million Americans are uninsured, making it nearly impossible for them to regularly fill their prescription medications and get regular access to healthcare. Even many of those with health insurance – more than 40% – still find that it doesn’t always cover every type of medication or healthcare service. This often results in people making the difficult decision to forego medically necessary medications and skip doctor visits due to cost. Tori Marsh MPH, public health expert and Health Insights Analyst for GoodRx joins me to talk about what Americans can do when health insurance doesn’t cover your healthcare needs.

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How To Improve Your Dog’s Well-Being – TALK! with AUDREY TV

Then, Merck Animal Health is focusing on the wellness of family pets while supporting the National Education for Assistance Dogs Services, an organization that trains service dogs. Veterinarian, US Army Major with the Veterinary Corps, Dr. Mark Pelham and NEADS service dog trainer, Becca Hill have some terrific pet wellness tips.

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