Wade Neucks - TALK! with AUDREY

New Program EncouragesPeople to Take Action to Get Affordable Insulin-Lilly Low Cost Insulin

Many people living with diabetes struggle to afford their insulin. In response to this problem, Lilly has launched a nationwide grassroots campaign called Insulin Affordability:Learn. Act. Share. Beginning Jan. 2021, people enrolled in participating Medicare Part D plans, those with commercial insurance or uninsured, can access Lilly insulin for $35 per monthly prescription. Wade Neucks, Director of the Patient Affordability Solutions Team at Lilly Diabetes is my guest.

Dr. Jeanine Downie - TALK! with AUDREY

Healthy Skin Month: Renowned Dermatologist Shares Tips to Support Surgical Incision Healing

In a typical year, there are over 17 million surgeries in the U.S. – all resulting in surgical incision wounds. As elective surgeries continue to resume, it’s critical that surgical incision wounds heal properly. November is Healthy Skin Month and joining me, renowned dermatologist, Dr. Jeanine Downie, with more on this important topic.

Mark Texiera - TALK! with AUDREY

Baseball Legend MARK TEIXEIRA, Raises Awareness of Stand Strong for Men’s Health Campaign and Prostate Cancer Foundation

Nearly 65 million Americans experience bladder leaks in one form or another, the lack of conversation often inhibits people from taking the necessary steps to help manage incontinence. In honor of Men’s Heath Awareness Month, the Depend brand is partnering with Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star Mark Teixeira and the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) for the Stand Strong for Men’s Health campaign, an initiative to destigmatize male incontinence.