Margaret (Maggie) Ference - TALK! with ADUREY

Margaret (Maggie) Ference, SVP, BB Credit & Ops Director, Huntington National Bank: Rebuilding Financial Security In Urban Neighborhoods

The economic disruption of COVID-19 has challenged small business owners and entrepreneurs to adopt fresh approaches to become more competitive in the post-pandemic marketplace. This is especially true for minority-owned and women businesses in underserved communities. To address this issue, Maggie Ference, Senior Vice President, BB Credit & Ops Director, Huntington National Bank joins me to offer tips to help empower your small business and community.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox - TALK! with AUDREY

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach: Understanding Your Credit and Financial Health To Achieve Your Goals

Lynette Kahlfani-Cox joins me to talk about tools needed to better understand your credit and financial health. She will explain the facts and dispel the myths around credit scores and discuss how to develop a plan to achieve your financial goals and the “FICO Score Open Access” program, which enables over 200 financial institutions to share free access to FICO Scores used by lenders in credit decisions.


Dr. Hersh Shefrin – Financial Expert

This week on TALK! with AUDREY: Leading behavioral finance expert DR. HERSH SHEFRIN, joins me to provide tips to help you keep your money and financial goals on track over the holidays.

The holiday season is the heaviest purchasing period of the year, and it can be an exciting, yet overwhelming time for many families. According to a new survey from Chase, just four in ten Americans are looking forward to holiday gift shopping this season. Dr. Hersh Shefrinis a leading figure in the field of behavioral finance and author of Beyond Greed and Fear: Understanding Behavioral Finance and the Psychology of Investing published by Harvard Business School Press. BG&F was the top recommendation on the J.P. Morgan Private Banking 2003 Summer Reading List.