Kalvin Lung - TALK! with AUDREY

Dr. Kalvin Lung, Thoracic Surgeon at Northwestern Medicine: The Future Of Lung Transplantation in a Post COVID-19 World

Due to COVID-19, the need for lung transplantation is growing. Approximately 20-30 percent of patients who get COVID-19 can result in some form of lung damage. Lung transplantation is the last resort for patients with end-stage lung disease. However, there is currently a global shortage of donated lungs which sadly results in deaths among patients on the waitlist. And . . . many donated lungs are deemed unsuitable for transplantation and go un-utilized. Dr. Kalvin Lung – Thoracic Surgeon at Northwestern Medicine with information about a new device to help rescue potentially viable lungs, and those initially deemed “unacceptable” for transplant.

Ericka Souter - TALK! with AUDREY

Navigating Back to School During the Pandemic

The school day will look much different this year and not just inside the classroom. Parents are also going to have a lot to juggle. Our guest today is Erica Souter, a nationally recognized voice in the realm of parenting news and parenting advice. She’s going to share information with us about digital tools from Messenger and has some tips that we can use to stay socially connected and navigate this year’s back to school season.