Michael Roche – EVP, Claims, Allstate Insurance


This interview was recorded in August of this year and broadcast to my listeners in New York City and Sacramento. As you know, I live in New York City and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I thought it was important to share with it you on the site because we never know when or where disaster may strike, but we can be better prepared! Please continue to pray for the people in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut who have lost family members, homes and communities, who are without many of the necessities that we take for granted. This week on TALK! with AUDREY: Americans and emergency management experts agree on one thing. Over the past few years, the U. S. has experienced a record number of natural disasters that have destroyed neighborhoods and cost lives. What is even more concerning is what people are doing – or not doing – in the wake of an approaching catastrophe. MICHAEL ROCHE, Executive Vice President, Claims, Allstate, has tips to make sure we are prepared.

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