Erin McCullen - TALK! with AUDREY

Erin McCullen, Head of Deposit Products at Bank of America: Teaching Kids Financial Literacy for Financial Independence

Alongside grammar and world history, another important subject to teach our kids is financial literacy. From budgeting and saving paychecks from a summer job to responsibly using a credit card, finances should be part of the curriculum starting at a young age through young adulthood. Erin McCullen, Head of Deposit Products at Bank of America has tips for parents to help their kids develop financial skills to set them up for post-grad financial independence.

Nela Richardson - TALK! with AUDREY

Study Finds Americans are Reconsidering Investing In Higher Education Due to Covid-19

According to a new Edward Jones and Morning Consult study, since the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the education sector, Americans are reconsidering investing in higher education.

My guest is Nela Richardson, a principal strategist for Edward Jones, we talk about the details of the survey, revealing concerns over education investment, and some tools that are currently available to help assist you with planning for college.