Dave Isay, Founder of StoryCorps and Author of MOM: A Celebration of Mothers From StoryCorps.

This week on TALK! with AUDREY: Dave Isay—StoryCorps’ founder, joins me to talk about his new book, MOM: A CELEBRATION OF MOTHERS FROM STORYCORPS. It is a celebration of American mothers featuring StoryCorps’ most revelatory stories on the subject, Mom looks across a diversity of experience to present an entirely original portrait of motherhood.

Mom includes an array of voices: Young and old, black and white, native speakers and immigrants, everyday people whose memories showcase the diversity of experience that make up motherhood. Through conversations between parents and children, husbands and wives, siblings and friends, the life of the American mother unfolds. In stories that take us from the woods of New Hampshire to downtown Detroit and beyond, we meet mothers and children from all walks of life: An immigrant mother instilling in her children the importance of education; adult children caring for an elderly parent; a woman remembering the sound of her mother’s laugh; and mothers and children of all ages learning to grow into new roles over time. Visiting families in moments of profound joy and sadness, courage and despair, struggle and triumph, we learn new truths about that most primal and sacred of bonds—the relationship between mother and child.

About StoryCorps

Since 2003, StoryCorps has been one of the most ambitious oral history projects ever undertaken. Founded by Dave Isay, StoryCorps has collected the life stories of more than fifty thousand Americans in all fifty states, and preserved these interviews for future generations at the Library of Congress. Millions of radio listeners look forward to hearing these stories each Friday morning on NPR. In recording booths across the country, StoryCorps continues to capture for posterity the stories that define us and bind us together as Americans.