Jessica Francis Kane – Author of The Report

This week on TALK! with AUDREY :

My guest is JESSICA FRANCIS KANE author of THE REPORT. Ten Years ago, while living in London, Jessica Francis Kane came across a story when she attended an event at the British Library for a series of books published by the London Stationery Office. The series is comprised of official government reports not previously available in popular form and the one the series editor held up in his hand and spoke passionately about was The Tragedy at Bethnal Green.  The Bethnal Green Tube Disaster was the largest civillian accident of World War II, 173 adults and children died in a crowd seeking shelter from an air raid.  No bombs fell in the area that night , so why had the crowd panicked and why did the government withhold information, citing issues of home security?   

FRANCIS KANE‘s novel is a touching exploration of the tragedy and of the way tragedies are reported, remembered and commemorated.