Kalvin Lung - TALK! with AUDREY

Dr. Kalvin Lung, Thoracic Surgeon at Northwestern Medicine: The Future Of Lung Transplantation in a Post COVID-19 World

Due to COVID-19, the need for lung transplantation is growing. Approximately 20-30 percent of patients who get COVID-19 can result in some form of lung damage. Lung transplantation is the last resort for patients with end-stage lung disease. However, there is currently a global shortage of donated lungs which sadly results in deaths among patients on the waitlist. And . . . many donated lungs are deemed unsuitable for transplantation and go un-utilized. Dr. Kalvin Lung – Thoracic Surgeon at Northwestern Medicine with information about a new device to help rescue potentially viable lungs, and those initially deemed “unacceptable” for transplant.