Big Boom – If You Want Closure In Your Relationship Start With Your Legs Part 2

He is an author, celebrity bodyguard and inspirational speaker, and BIG BOOM is a man on a mission. If You Want Closure in Your Relationship Start With Your Legs is more than the title of his book, it’s the real deal about the games men play on talk! with Audrey.

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Freddie Jackson Transitions – Part 1

Freddie Jackson is doing what he does best – making unforgettable music and he joins me this month for a special series of exclusive conversations about his new album, TRANSITIONS.

He speaks candidly about love, life and renewal on talk! with Audrey.

You’ll also have an opportunity to preview the entire album, song by romantic song . . . it’s all about TRANSITIONS!

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Audrey Smaltz – Ebony Fashion Fair Commentator

Audrey Smaltz, the legendary fashion authority, former Ebony Fashion Fair commentator, professional speaker and President and Founder of The Ground Crew is being honored this week at the Ebony Fashion Fair by The Support Network. She shares her fondest memories of The Show with us on talk! with Audrey

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Bobby Howard – Donate Life America

This week’s show is about serious subject, one that most of us don’t like to Think about, let alone talk about becoming organ and tissue donors.

My guest, Bobby Howard, is a former running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and in 1994, he received a kidney transplant that saved his life. Today he is an education specialist for LifeLink of Georgia, the federally designated Organ Procurement Organization for the state of Georgia and for the past ten years, he has worked to educate the multi cultural community about the importance of organ and tissue donation.

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Q-Leisel-Quamie-Celebrity-Stylist-Talk with Audrey

Leisel Q. Quamie – Styling Your Image

Are you bored with the way you look? Want to rev-it up and you don’t know where to start? Think you can’t afford a personal stylist, think again. My guest this week is”Q” Quamie, the personal stylist to Tyra Banks and costume designer for the Tyra Banks Show and has styled such notables as Jesse L. Martin of Law and Order, Marisa Tomei, Hilary Duff and Jacque Reid and she can help you too.

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