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Dr. Rupesh Kotecha, Radiation Oncologist at Miami Cancer Institute – How a Technology Already Approved for Brain Cancer Is Offering a New Innovative Option for Treatment for Mesothelioma

Each year an estimated 3,000 Americans are diagnosed with mesothelioma. It’s a rare type of cancer that forms in the lining of major organs in the chest or the stomach. Dr. Rupesh Kotecha is a radiation oncologist at Miami Cancer Institute. We talk about mesothelioma and how a technology already approved for brain cancer is offering a new innovative option for treatment

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Teach Kids Valuable Lessons Through Chores While They are Spending Time at Home – TALK! with AUDREY

As homes have become school for millions of children, parents across the country are caring for families in new ways. With the extra time at home comes extra time to involve kids in the day-to-day chore responsibilities, To find out why today’s parents are struggling to engage their children in household chores, Whirlpool enlisted the help of a developmental psychologist and a child development expert joining me with the results of the research paper and some help, lifestyle expert and mom Brooke Parkhurst

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Learn The Best Way On How To Grill Beef – TALK! with AUDREY TV

According to a recent survey, nearly one-third of consumers say that they plan to grill more this summer than they have in the past, and that among the many meat options available, they prefer to grill beef. Meat scientist Bridget Wasser, Executive Director of Meat Science, Culinary and Supply Chain Outreach at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has tips for grilling.

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Is Fear of COVID-19 Keeping Stroke Patients from Going to the Hospital? – TALK! with AUDREY TV

Every year, close to 800,000 Americans have a stroke. Even during a pandemic, stroke is a life-threatening medical emergency and health officials and medical groups across the country, including the American Heart Association, are urging people to seek immediate medical attention. Joining me with the signs and symptoms, world-renowned stroke expert Dr. Patrick Lyden, Professor of Neurology at Cedars-Sinai – Los Angeles.

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