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My guest is DENISE AUSTIN and she shares valuable tips on how to jumpstart a great fall fitness program. As the weather cools off and school activities take up more time, now is the time to get motivated and moving before the holidays. One way to establish your fitness routine and support a great cause is to train for the cure.

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure™, presented by Energizer, is a 60-mile journey for thousands of women and men who want to make a personal difference in the fight against breast cancer. Over the course of three days, participants walk 60 miles to help raise millions of dollars for breast cancer research.

A great way you can help today is to become a fan of the Energizer Bunny on Facebook, where $1 will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure for every fan.

Denise’s Top 3 Fall Fitness Tips – Get motivated by training for a cause:

1. Be creative – when there’s good weather outside take a long walk or hike to get in your mileage. If it’s too cold or rainy, use an indoor treadmill as you watch your favorite shows on TV. Make sure you don’t find excuses to skip your workout!

2. Wear a pedometer – it’s important to set a mileage goal and a pedometer can help you track your steps and see how close you are to that goal. On average, about 2,000 steps equals one mile.

3. Make it fun – Find a friend to walk with you to encourage you and make you accountable for getting your mileage completed. Or join a walking group so you can meet new people and keep moving.



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