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Norman Bacal: Author of “Take Charge-The Skills to Drive Professional Success”

Across the span of his career, Norman Bacal, a retired entertainment attorney and founder of the Toronto Office and former national co-managing partner of Canadian law firm Heenan Blaikie noticed a void between what he was taught in law school and the practical skills he later developed that actually made a difference in building a successful career. He joins me now to talk about his book, Take Charge-The Skills to Drive Professional Success.

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Norman McCombs: Author of “A Reason To Be”

In 2011, author Norman McCombs stood outside the East Wing of the White House before receiving the National Medal of Technology from President Obama, he asked himself a simple question: How did I come from the circumstances of my birth to the steps of the White House? After losing his wife to a battle with Alzheimer’s, McCombs was left devastated until a chance encounter with a sharp, compassionate librarian named Suzy Hamilton on the steps of the New York Public Library shakes him from the throes of grief, and encourages him to research his ancestry. The result? A Reason To Be, his historical novel, a poignant tale of loss, hope and the transcendent power of the love that binds us to one another.

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Craig J. Lewis, Founder and CEO of Gig Wage: Financial Tips & Tools to Help Americans Make Ends Meet Financially

According to the FDIC, 7.1 million U.S. households were unbanked in 2019, meaning they do not use banks or banking institutions at all, and nearly 12 percent were STILL utilizing expensive methods like check cashers, money orders, and bill pay services to access the cash they need. My guest is Craig J. Lewis, Founder & CEO of Gig Wage – a fast-growing FinTech start-up exclusively focused on bringing better financial tools to the 65-75 million people in the gig workforce.

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Dr. Ragen McGowan, Pet Behavior Scientist: Tips to Address Pet’s Separation Anxiety and Create a Smooth Transition Into the Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has kept many of us at home, making our furry friends some of the happiest members in the household. On the flip side, some of our pets are probably counting down the days until kids go back to school and offices reopen so they can have the house to themselves again! Either way, as we look to leave the house more, it’s important for families to start preparing their pets for this transition period. Pet Behavior Scientist at Purina, Dr. Ragen McGowan has tips to help address separation anxiety and create a smooth transition into the post-pandemic world.

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John Wang and Aldrin Enis: Coalition to Address Rise in Hate Crimes of Asian American’s and Pacific Islanders

The recent wave of attacks against Asian Americans is extremely troubling. A coalition of The Asian American Business Development Center, US Black Chambers, US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and 100 Black Men issued an open letter to America’s CEO’s along with a CEO Pledge to address the issues rise in hate crimes, discrimination and harassment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. My guests are John Wang, President, Asian American Business Development Center, and Aldrin K. Enis, President of 100 Black Men of NYC.

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Holly Robinson Peete: Importance of An Inclusive Workforce

In the United States, approximately 6.5 million people have autism, an intellectual and/or developmental differences. And, of these adults, an astounding 8 out of 10 with developmental differences are unemployed because of the lack of job opportunities in their communities, despite having the skill sets and expertise to excel in the workplace. Author, talk show host, activist and philanthropist, Holly Robinson Peete joins me to talk about how we can all work together to build a more inclusive workforce in our communities.

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