Dr. LaShawn McIver - TALK! with AUDREY

Dr. LaShawn McIver, Director of the Office of Minority Health, Centers for Medicaid and Medicare: Medicaid and CHIP Provide Vital Medical Coverage for Eligible Children and Teens to Age 19

Studies have shown that students who have health insurance, and access essential medical care, are less likely to miss class than their peers without coverage and are more likely to complete high school and graduate college. And unfortunately, there are still many who don’t have health insurance. Joining me with information about how uninsured eligible children and teens up to age 19 in families with limited incomes can get health coverage through Medicaid and CHIP, Dr. LaShawn McIver, Director of the Office of Minority Health, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

Maurice Jenkins - TALK! with AUDREY

Maurice E. Jenkins, Jr., Executive Vice President,Field Development for UNCF: United Negro College Fund(UNCF)Hosting National Virtual Walk For Education

A recent UNCF survey of more than 5,000 students across 17 HBCUs found that many are dealing with difficulties such as sick family members, trouble paying bills and general stress from the ongoing pandemic and recent protests against police brutality. Support is needed now more than ever as students and institutions are faced with challenges including COVID-19 and racial disparities. Maurice E. Jenkins, Jr., executive vice president for field development of UNCF has the details of the UNCF National Virtual Walk for Education® aims to raise funds to support HBCUs and the students they serve.

Margaret (Maggie) Ference - TALK! with ADUREY

Margaret (Maggie) Ference, SVP, BB Credit & Ops Director, Huntington National Bank: Rebuilding Financial Security In Urban Neighborhoods

The economic disruption of COVID-19 has challenged small business owners and entrepreneurs to adopt fresh approaches to become more competitive in the post-pandemic marketplace. This is especially true for minority-owned and women businesses in underserved communities. To address this issue, Maggie Ference, Senior Vice President, BB Credit & Ops Director, Huntington National Bank joins me to offer tips to help empower your small business and community.

Dr. Sandra Reyna and Kathryn McBride - TALK! with AUDREY

The Importance of Early Diagnosis and Treatment of SMA

A year and a half ago, a family received a devastating diagnosis in the midst of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, that mother is sharing her son’s experience with (SMA), a rare, devastating genetic disease that is also a leading genetic cause of infant death, and how early diagnosis and treatment transformed his life.

Dr. Juan Caicedo - TALK! with ADUREY

Dr. Juan Caicedo, Director of Northwestern Memorial Liver Transplant Program: Should You Become an Organ Donor?

Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Illinois wants to encourage us to learn the truth about organ and tissue donation. Most organ donations take place after the donor has died however, some organs can be donated while the donor is still alive. This can be a great alternative to waiting on the ever growing transplant list and can help save lives. Dr. Juan Caicedo, Director of the Liver Transplant Program, Living Donor Liver Program and Hispanic Transplant Program at Northwestern Medicine joins me to talk about organ donation and discuss some of the latest research available and Northwestern Memorial’s role in advancing treatment.

Phil Cook - TALK! with AUDREY

Phil Cook, High School Chemistry Teacher and TikTok Star: Why Having The Best Stem Learning Tools Can Help Enhance Your Child’s Education

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM jobs are projected to grow 8.8% from now until 2029. STEM education encourages critical thinking skills, innovation and creative problem-solving. Competency in these areas is a strong indicator of future career success. Joining me to talk about the importance of STEM education as kids head back-to-school, Phil Cook, high school chemistry teacher and TikTok star (@chemteacherphil 3.3M followers.

Kevin Schewe - TALK! with AUDREY

Kevin Schewe, Author: Bad Love Medicine

Kevin L. Schewe has penned another action-packed romp in his critically acclaimed Bad Love series his latest, Bad Love Medicine takes readers from the deep-space beauty of Planet Azur back to a WWII Europe riddled with danger and espionage, bringing the Bad Love Gang face-to-face with one of history’s greatest villains—Adolf Hitler himself , the Bad Love Gang (based on his own friends in high school) once again set out to save history—this time, by stopping the Nazis from creating a time machine of their own.