Debra LaPrevotte - TALK! with AUDREY RADIO

Dr. Jennifer Van Velkinburgh and Debra LaPrevotte: Genesis 2 Project, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

After four years of collecting data, the first scientifically authenticated documentation of unidentified aerial phenomena UAP’s was released by the Genesis 2 Project (G2P) and Primeau Forensics in 2020 which included images captured with infrared technology. Former Los Alamos National Labs biophysicist Dr. Jennifer van Velkinburgh and former FBI Special Agent and Forensic Scientist in the Evidence Response Team Unit at the FBI Lab Debra LaPrevotte to discuss the report and the ongoing release of scientifically-authenticated UAP recordings . . . from the Genesis 2 Project.

Emily Trunell - TALK! with AUDREY

Emily Trunnell, PhD, Neuroscientist and Research Associate for PETA: The Real Cost of Animal Research and Experiments

According to PETA, instead of using modern research methods to find a cure, billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent and more are set to be spent on sepsis experiments on animals, while the more than 150 medicines that have effectively treated sepsis in other species have then failed in humans. . . . joining me to discuss the very real cost to animals and humans of this failure to switch gears, EMILY TRUNNELL, Ph.D., Neuroscientist and Research Associate for PETA joins me with information about state-of-the-art, human-relevant research methods that are available and the very real cost to animals and humans of this failure to switch gears.

Dr. Monique Gary and Ricki Fairley

Breast Cancer Care and the Disparities in Breast Cancer for Black Women

More Than Just Words advisors Dr. Monique Gary, a board-certified fellowship-trained breast surgical oncologist and medical director of the Grand View Health Penn Cancer Network cancer program and Ricki Fairley co-founder and CEO of Touch, The Black Breast Cancer Alliance and a stage 3A triple negative breast cancer survivor, and thriver, have information about a new initiative launched by Novartis to promote health equity in breast cancer care and the disparities in breast cancer for black women.

Dr. Sandy Reyna and Kathryn McBride - TALK! with AUDREY RADIO

Dr. Sandy Reyna, Head-Therapeutic Area at Novartis Gene Therapies and Kathryn McBride, parent of child with SMA: The Importance of early diagnosis and Treatment of SMA

A year and a half ago, a family received a devastating diagnosis in the midst of the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, that mother is sharing her son’s experience with (SMA), a rare, devastating genetic disease that is also a leading genetic cause of infant death, and how early diagnosis and treatment transformed his life. My guests are Dr. Sandy Reyna, Vice President of Global Medical Affairs, Head-Therapeutic Area at Novartis Gene Therapies and Kathryn McBride, parent of child with SMA. We talk about the signs of SMA, the importance of newborn screening and an early diagnosis, and new treatment options.

Bob Boylan - TALK! with AUDREY RADIO

Bob Boylan, Author: Retirement: Your New Adventure!

Bob is back, and this time he shares his easy to read, but challenging “thought-starters” to help spark your new found freedom in retirement and to think beyond your past career. Retirement: Your New Adventure! challenges you to move forward with creativity, joy, and great hope to seize the opportunity brought by retirement or other changes by looking to the many new adventures ahead.

Dr. Karen Fink and Jeanneane Maxon -TALK! with AUDREY RADIO

Dr. Karen Fink, a Neuro-Oncologist and Jeanneane Maxon, Patient: Glioblastoma (GBM)

Jeanneane Maxon, 41, was living the life of a “work hard, play hard” non-profit executive in Washington, D.C. However, her migraine headaches which she had suffered from since age six were becoming increasingly debilitating. A subsequent MRI revealed a lime-sized tumor in her brain which would ultimately be diagnosed as glioblastoma (GBM), a rare and aggressive form of cancer, but the most common type of primary brain cancer in adults. Jeanneane and her physician, Dr. Karen Fink, a Neuro-oncologist at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas join me to help raise awareness of GBM, and the latest treatments and technology available to help treat this debilitating disease.